Ruled By Numbers…

Until I realized I was so much more!

Inside My Food Journey


grew up in a family that struggled with weight challenges. There were many times money and resources were scarce. My mother showed us love through food. I was always considered the “little one” and never thought about what or how much I ate, until I became pregnant and gained over seventy pounds. I thought the extra weight would come off after, but most of it didn’t. Fear started to set in that this might be my new body. After trying different diet pills and gimmicks, I found my way to Weight Watchers.

For six months, I was the perfect Weight Watchers Point-Counter, logging every bite that went into my mouth and never missed a weigh-in/meeting. I lost all of the unwanted pounds, plus. However, I found myself trapped in a food prison of restriction and fear. The scale without fail told me each morning whether I was valuable or not. Calories told me if I was in control. Meanwhile, those around me consistantly commented on how “good” I looked. I didn’t see what they saw, living every day in dread that I would go over my points and the weight would return ferociously.

My constant dieting took a turn for the very worse and one day I was kidnapped by Anorexia and Bulimia. I quietly battled throughout my twenties with both. Bulimia was my only diagnoses, for I never met the DSM weight criteria for Anorexia; however, I swung back and forth between disorders. My health was starting to decline in many ways and after experiencing a very scary episode of being rushed to the hospital for severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, I cried out and sought help.

I did the work on self, and after just a couple of months in therapy my intense restrictive behaviors and binge/purge cycle stopped. That was just the beginning. My relationship with food and body still required significant healing. For the next ten years, I set out to learn as much I could about nutrition, while continuing to have a deeper understanding of the mind body connection. After exploring many approaches to eating and overall health, I finally found what worked best for me; what truly nourished my body, mind, and soul. You can, too!

I finally found what worked best for me; what truly nourished my body, mind, and soul. You can, too!

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My mother passed away at the young age of sixty one, a beautiful soul who struggled with obesity and joked about her weight, never wanting anyone to know how bad she suffered. There were small windows where she let me in on her pain, especially towards the end of her life.

Between my experience and my mother’s, what followed was a calling, one to help others who are struggling with food and body issues, no matter what they are. I want people to know YOU are not alone. Take my hand. Let’s find the keys inside and walk through the door of healing.

  • "Sarah was a constant source of strength, well-being and motivation in my time with her. She helped me identify and capitalize on my strengths. She is the most positive person I have ever met! She made me feel like there is nothing I cannot achieve. I learned how to think positively about my weaknesses and of those around me. She is a life coach."

    Sammie D.
  • "During my time with Sarah, I realized just how much I used food in every state of emotion. From happiness to sadness to anger. I even used it as a reward system, but at the same time would always feel like I was making a bad choice. Sarah helped me to see my relationship with food was not something to get rid of or hate, yet learn from. She also helped me to see that there was something so much deeper going on. It is hard for me to open up about certain things, but Sarah is so easy to talk to and it all just seem to poor out. I’m so grateful for each conversation we had!"

    Marcy B.
  • "From our wonderful 13 weeks together, I learned to believe in myself and have better overall confidence in everything. I was empowered to challenge myself and proved to myself that I CAN do anything I put my mind to. Sarah is super easy to talk to and I would recommend EVERYONE to her! I always enjoyed and looked forward to each of our sessions!"

    Jacquelyn D.
  • “Sarah, thank you for teaching me how to be kind and gentle, while still holding myself accountable. Also, your encouragement, kindness, and support is very motivating! Your group series changed how I see some things. I'm grateful!”  

    Lyn B.
  • “Your group series provided me great information! I definitely took away that being healthier is a journey. I think your positivity is really helping me to make changes as they fit into my life, but also to make it a priority. I love your gentle reminders and the approach you take to healthy living in general. Thank you so much!!”

    Casie O.
  • “Thank you, Sarah. I had this profound feeling of acceptance from our sessions. Acceptance of my body image, acceptance of eating habits, and acceptance of my feelings when I feel them. That is what I took away. I’m looking at food in a whole new light. I appreciate you helping with that mindset!!!”

    Lauren K.
  • “I really enjoyed taking part in your group. Thanks for having me. You are fabulous! I love all of the psychological aspects behind our eating habits. I must admit, I didn't think about that before. Thank you for opening my eyes!”

    Leigh Anne L.
  • "My time with Sarah has been truly life changing. I have been a yoyo dieter my whole life. After every success and failure of each new diet, I found myself helpless and not able to trust my body, further confused and misguided as to why the latest "fix" failed. In working with Sarah, we began to closely examine and deconstruct my every day habits. In doing so, we were able to tweak and make adjustments. Now, I actually enjoy my food and eat less without being on a diet. I have also learned to be gentle with myself. I think this is critical for all of us, not just those of us working through body and eating challenges. I am happy to report than in the short time with Sarah, I have lost 15 pounds without restricting any specific foods or food groups. My journey continues and I am so grateful for everything Sarah has taught me!"

    Anita N.

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